I'm starting this issue with a call to action for you to build momentum in your business. The first item in the Nuggets section will give you a couple of tips in kicking things up a notch in these lazy days of summer. The next item talks about your digital body language - something I admit to finding intriguing and I'd love to hear your take on this. :-)

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3 Quick Things You Can do Today to Build Momentum

You’re on the way! You have a goal in mind, you’re working hard to get there. It might be you’re after something personal. It might be you’re concentrating solely on your career right now. Whatever it is you want, you’re hungry for it. You can’t wait to see the culmination of all this hard work.

…only everything seems to be moving so slow…

What you’re lacking is momentum. Momentum is what pushes you into action. It speeds you up as you work the steps and keeps you going.

So, what do you do when momentum is lagging? Easy. You find ways to build it. Try these quick tips guaranteed to make things happen:

Visualize the Future Take some time to consider where you’ll be in six months. What about next year or the next five years? Seeing yourself in the future is a really positive way to keep your momentum going. If you can get excited about the you of tomorrow, you’ll find yourself fighting to become that person right now.

Get Up and Do Something It’s so easy to grow stagnant. Rather than binge-watch the latest Netflix sitcom, how about getting up to create some mischief of your own? Go play a game, take a walk, spend time with friends. Do inspirational things to fill you with enthusiasm.

Learn Stuff An active mind is a creative mind. The act of learning, even in small increments such as 10-15 minutes a day, will still improve cognitive function. In short, by keeping your mind active, you will pick up momentum.

Barb Jemmott

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