There are still a few days left until Valentine's Day. What are your marketing plans to celebrate? If you're looking for last minute ideas, there's a post below with a few options worth considering. This issue is about tips around raising visibility. It's time to start planning for the 2nd quarter (already!) and this year is proving to be as challenging as the last one. What will you do to stand out from the crowd this year? Now that I've placed that earworm for you, let's move on to this weeks' issue!

Barb Jemmott | Your Entrepreneurial Spirit (Y.E.S.)

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“The most important thing in business is a persona, Nico,' he was fond of saying. 'People want to know immediately what they're dealing with. And when they think about you, you've got to stand out in their minds--like one of those characters in a novel.”

Candace Bushnell, Lipstick Jungle


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Barb Jemmott