Phew...the Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness is just about over except for a couple of stragglers as far as I can tell. For our American readers, I hope you had a good break over the weekend.

I'm delighted to say that Amazon sales of the Beyond Basics of Website Content planner are very encouraging. You'll be able to see a flipbook showing some of the content further down in this newsletter. If you're planning on revisiting the state of your website (and you should), you should check out the sample content in the flipbook.

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“A successful website does three things: It attracts the right kinds of visitors. Guides them to the main services or product you offer. Collect Contact details for future ongoing relation.”

Mohamed Saad


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Not strictly tech focused this week! I'd love to know what you think of the following view of the planner. Drop me an email and let me know your thoughts!

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⭐ The upcoming Create your Marketing Message Program will be released shortly. The countdown to the pre-launch of this powerful program is on, getting ready for beta testers to put it though it's paces. Check out the details and be on the lookout for the beta testers' application wait list, coming soon.

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Until next time, I hope you have a meaningful and productive week and a satisfying weekend!

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