So it's been a busy week so far, with Black Friday/Cyber Monday coming up right after turkey day for our American neighbours. I'm not sure you take part in the tech holiday sale that's supposed to be these next 4 days, but now seems to run the whole month of November. Anyway, if you're looking for tools to help with your marketing or business function, check out the sale items in the What's the Tech section.

On Monday we had a successful GSDD (Get Stuff Done Day) event where 10 busy people focused on critical tasks that needed attention for many different reasons. The majority of attendees spent time planning their holiday social media/marketing activities or planning for the upcoming year. Everyone came away with satisfying outcomes. The next GSDD event will be in early January.

But now, let's get on with this issue about Holidays and sales!

Barb Jemmott

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Is your marketing message flying under the radar?

As you know, you only have one chance to tell your audience about the unique benefits your product or service offers. To make sure you can get this done, you must craft the right marketing message that will grab your target customer’s attention and convince them to buy. Here are the 5 steps to crafting a compelling marketing message.

Barb Jemmott

What's the Tech

Black Friday Deals for your business?

Here's a list of AppSumo Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals you might have an interest in for 2020. There's lots of deals out there, but I'm just going to restrict the links to this site. Check them out!

~ Deposit Photos - $39 Premium stock photos

~ Happy Scribe Automated transcripts and subtitles for your audio and video. Great for podcasters, video and course creators.

~ AppSumo Black Friday 2020 collection shows all active deals available

Barb Jemmott

Premium Workshops, Events & OfferingsPremium Workshops, Events & Offerings

Beyond Basics Website Content Planner: This new planner is now available. Upgrade your website content using a few techniques you may not be aware of.

📅 Black Friday/Cyber Monday will be in full swing right now! I've listed some tech based deals you might find helpful. Details in the What's the Tech link above.

⭐ The upcoming Create your Marketing Message Program will be released shortly. The countdown to the pre-launch of this powerful program is on, getting ready for beta testers to put it though it's paces. Check out the details and be on the lookout for the beta testers' application wait list, coming soon.

Barb Jemmott

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Do you have feedback about this newsletter? Your comments go a long way in making this newsletter something that would really work for you. Email me here with your suggestions. To all our American readers, I hope you enjoy a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Until next time, here's to a meaningful and productive week!

Barb Jemmott