I'm really enjoying the feedback on our inaugural issue of the YESWORD newsletter (if you want to check out that issue, check out the archives link at the top of this page), and am excited back again with another issue. This issue is about getting ready to flex your reach and sales activities during this holiday season, including what you can do around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Hopefully you've already got some plans on the go, but if not - there's still some time to get down on it!

The other thing (for a little fun); Do you know your own entrepreneurial style? Take the quiz and find out! Let me know what you think of this issue and feel free to share if it works for your colleagues!

Barb Jemmott | Your Entrepreneurial Spirit


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Thanks for reading (and Happy Halloween)!

So glad you found value in this holiday sales prep issue. If you enjoyed it, do share it with others who would benefit from the info. Are there specific topics or areas you have questions about that can be shared here? Feel free to reach out using one of the links shown below in the footer of this newsletter.

Even though this year is anything but normal in everything that's going on around us, I just want to wish you a Happy Halloween!

Barb Jemmott