Well, here we are in mid December, looking down the track and seeing the years' end in sight. I've had a few clients who delayed getting their holiday marketing out the door so far this year, and they've asked me what they should do at this late stage.

Apart from stating the obvious (planning is key, of course), it's not too late to add a strategy or two to the mix, even now. Over the last few years we've all experienced the stretched out holiday season (from Black Friday to the January sales, across many business types), so I was helping them to position their efforts in this particular space, based on what works for their business. This issue is focused on these several options that can work for most businesses.

Personally, I'll be spending time between Christmas and New Years fine tuning my own business strategy for the upcoming year, after looking back at 2020 and laughing at my original plan for this year, created in December 2019. Oh well, as business people we are nothing if not adaptable. Stay tuned for some exciting developments I'll be sharing with you soon.

Barb Jemmott

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Barb Jemmott


It's not about the presents, it's about your presence. Therein lies the spirit of the holiday season.

Julianne O'Connor


Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

This issue is a little different from the norm. This is a reminder that even if you start late, you can still effectively market during this holiday period. From now until early January, you can bring value to your customers and your business without breaking the bank or straining your creativity. Here are some ideas you still have time to implement (based on your level of comfort and access to relative tools/resources at this last minute):

Idea #1: To get into the holiday spirit on your site, you can use festive graphics (such as candles, Christmas trees, holiday stockings) and effects (such as snow falling through the screen), change cover image and include a timer, and many other creative ideas that you may like. Not sure? Add a simple banner image to strategic pages on your site.

Idea #2: Launch an email marketing strategy. Email marketing is the best way to highlight specific products that are not available from big-box retailers. Moreover, you can offer a general discount and share important information relevant to the holiday season via emails. To encourage your subscribers to open the message, you should put on great effort making creative and captivating.

Idea #3: Create a holiday season landing page. As the holiday usually includes exchanging gifts, this marketing idea is a perfect way to improve customers’ shopping experience, help them skip the process of searching for the best products and services for the new year and encourage purchases. By creating these types of landing pages, you can achieve a significant return effortlessly. And promoting them through your social channels and email, you’ll give your subscribers another reason to return to your site.

#4: Use Social Media marketing Social media is the best way to communicate with your subscribers and potential customers. Also, it’s a good means to get buyers in the holiday spirit, promote your holiday deals, hold contests, make advertisements, attract new buyers and boost sales. Thus, you should thoroughly think through your social media marketing and pay special attention to it.

As well as your website, you can decorate social media accounts―add holiday elements, use holiday icons and imaginary for example, redesign your Facebook cover photo when the holiday is almost here.

Having an opportunity to reach out to the wide audience through social media channels, it can be beneficial for your small business to post your holiday offers, discounts and rewards here. Also, it’s essential to use holiday hashtags to expose your posts to more potential customers.

75% of shoppers buy products when they see them on social media, get information and feedback there. So, to drive your overall holiday sales social media accounts shouldn’t be neglected.

#5: Run a Giveaway Try something like a “12 Days of Christmas” campaign (yes, there’s still time to do something similar over the holiday period). In this type of campaign, you can give away a free gift with qualifying orders on specific days. Customers know about all the gifts in advance. So, in case a buyer wants more than just a gift, it’s necessary to visit the site several times.

Also, customers can spend even more to qualify for that second free gift. This marketing strategy leads to an increase in conversion rate and in sales.

Idea #6: Join a Charity The holidays are a miraculous time. So, why not create this miracle by yourself? Many big brands do this very successfully.

As a small business owner, you can join a local charity to create brand awareness. Apart from you contributing to the community, these events announce the names and logos of sponsors. So, pay attention to your local charity events and connect with those you are willing and able to participate in.

Bottom line? All the suggested holiday marketing ideas can be easily adapted for your small business. Hoping you successfully implement at least a couple of them during this busy holiday season.

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Barb Jemmott