I've been taking some time during my social media exile to look at how things get done and what I spend my time on. I have to tell you that being locked out of Facebook has definitely been a double-edged sword. One the one hand, many of my clients spend large portions of their time on Facebook - and another segment of my client list have let me know they wouldn't mind having to commit so much of their own resources to Facebook themselves. There has been one lesson that has been proved true for me at this point, and that's the value of your own email list! If this is something you've neglected, it's time for a rethink!

Another item that's come front and centre these last view weeks is how to think about building momentum in your business and I'll share this thought: What would it mean if you visualized the future? I'll offer you a challenge further down that I hope you'll take take a few minutes and think about...and with that, it's time to get this issue started!

Barb Jemmott


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Take the challengeTake the challenge

Will you accept the challenge to...Visualize the future? Take some time to consider where you'll be in six months. What about next year or the next five years? Seeing yourself in the future is a really positive way to keep your momentum going. If you can get excited about the you of tomorrow, you'll find yourself fighting to become that person now.

Barb Jemmott

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Barb Jemmott